Mistura – 500mL


Mistura means ‘blend’ or ‘mix’ in Portuguese and best describes our Verdelho based “Madeira” style fortified wine. We typically make Mistura by using a solera process.  In a nutshell a solera system uses a small % from each barrel that is mixed together to go into the final finished blend.  The barrels are then topped up with the current vintage, but a proportion of older vintages always remain. In Italy, this process is called “In Perpetuum”, a great name as it refers to the process going on in perpetuity! The beauty of a solera system is that it produces a wine of a constant age each year, and it keeps the blend at a consistent quality.

This Mistura blend has an average age of between 5-7 years. It is a medium dry style, with smoky spicy characters of caramel, coffee, cacao and raisins.  It makes a great aperitif or delicious when served with blue cheese, dried fruit, rich dark chocolate desserts and sweet pastries wiht nuts, honey or berries.

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Hunter Valley, New South Wales



Cellaring Potential

With careful cellaring we are confident this wine will cellar for up to 20 years. Ideal cellaring conditions are away from direct sunlight and damp with an ideal temperature of up to 15°C.

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