Members Reward Cleanskin 6 Pack RED


During Craig’s travels in France, he often came across wines referred to as Vin Ordinaire.  These wines were unusually good table wines at an inexpensive price and of an unspecified origin within France, and always a non-vintage wine.

As we don’t believe in the ordinary, we have created our own Vin EXTRAordinaire, an everyday drinking red wine at a very reasonable price – truly a members reward.

The make-up of the wine, will most likely change with each new blend, however you can be rest assured that whatever it is, it will be a very quaffable drink.  Enjoy!

THIS WINE IS CONSIDERED A MEMBERS REWARD and does not count towards your 12 bottle annual wine commitment.
This is a Members Reward and can ONLY be purchased by Club 1733 Members.  Club 1733 Members, please login via the link above to purchase this product.
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