2016 Wildcard Shiraz – SOLD OUT


A Wildcard may be defined as “an unpredictable element in a situation” and the Thomas Allen Wildcard Shiraz was our unpredictable element in the cellar.

Quite often when putting a wine together, some barrels are discarded, even when of great quality, for the benefit of the overall blend.  These excess barrels were all emptied into a tank. When revisiting this tank some months later, this unpredictable blend had virtually put itself together to create this outstanding Shiraz. This 2016 Shiraz exhibits a spicy and peppery bramble like nose with a rich, ripe fruit palate, hints of white pepper and balanced beautifully by soft, yet supple tannins.

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Hunter Valley, New South Wales




Cork and Wax

Cellaring Potential

With careful cellaring we are confident this wine will cellar for up to 10 years. Ideal cellaring conditions are away from direct sunlight and damp with an ideal temperature of up to 15°C.